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How to Create an Online Poll

Online polls are everywhere you turn these days. Whether they're used to determine customer satisfaction, collect valuable feedback, or make important decisions for a business, a quick virtual poll is one of the most convenient options for getting the information you need.

But not every online poll maker is the same. When you're searching for the best free online tools for making polls, researching their features first will help ensure you're picking the right option for your needs. Before we discuss how to create a poll with an online poll maker, let's discuss some of the basics of an online poll you should know first.

What are online polls?

Online polls are a fast and convenient way to collect audience, employee, or customer feedback in real-time.
Unlike traditional polls that require tallying the responses by hand, an online poll can be conducted and the results can be sorted entirely online.

That way, the poll creator not only gets their survey results much faster, but it also saves them a lot of work when they don't need to compile multiple answers on their own.

Whether it's done via text message, email, or website, a free poll is quickly becoming a tool of choice for connecting with respondents.

Online Polls can be used for

Collecting opinions
Student and teacher surveys
Surveying employees for company decisions
Determining the level of understanding of subject matter
We will explore the purposes and types of online polls more in a moment, but first, let's get started with how to create an online poll in the first place.

How to create a free online poll

When you set out to create a poll, the process is pretty straight forward

Step One

First, you need to know the question you want to ask. For a poll, it's best to choose a question with a simple answer. For example, yes, no, more, or less. You can also create a poll and ask the audience to select the answer that corresponds with the rating they would give a product or service.

Step Two

Once you have created your question and answers, it's time to share the poll with people and ask them to vote! You can share a free poll during meetings, in a classroom, online, via email, or via mobile text message. Rather than asking people to gather to conduct this poll, it can be distributed anywhere in the world to get live data when you really need it.

Step Three

As respondents begin to vote, your live polling software can collect the results and sort them for you. You will simply log-in to your account and access your poll results to see how people are voting. It's an easy way to boost social engagement and collect valuable data without spending your time or financial resources to do so.

Purposes and types of online polls

Let's get back to the purposes and types of online polls to give you some ideas for how and when they can be used.


Respondents can select from multiple-choice options for their desired candidates. Results are calculated electronically, removing the chance of human error, and also polling multiple people at once means much faster results.


You can use a multiple choice poll to determine how well your students or employees are retaining subject knowledge. It's a fun way to find out where they're struggling and which subjects they have mastered.


Would you like to gather important feedback like how much your employees like the next office set up? Or maybe you want to hear about which features they would most like to see included in the next software update?

That's right–you can use an online survey any time you want to ask questions, add a special quality to a presentation, collect responses, and get quick and easy feedback.

Now the next question you might have is how to choose the best platforms for creating online polls.

3 Awesome Sites to Create an Online Polls

Here are three of the choices for creating polls and surveys to hear from your audience and compile responses.

Swift Polling

Often considered the ultimate polling tool, Swift Polling tool comes with a number of impressive features to help you quickly make a survey that gets you the answers you want via text or website.

Once you make a survey, you can embed your poll into PowerPoint presentations, into an email, and share it on your website. Respondents can vote online with their computer or a smartphone, or they can use the SMS text feature to vote that way.

One of the most beneficial features of your Swift account is how easy it is to customize your poll. You can use your own brand graphics and colors to truly make it look like your own and add a personalized element to your surveys! It's also easy to share responses with your audience in real-time so they have access to the same information as you.

You can also export your data to access it later, or return to your user dashboard to access the data on there. It's one of the most quick, user-friendly, and powerful options available to create polls when and where you want them.


Another popular poll option is SurveyLegend. With powerful free options, you can create a number of questions and polls and add them to presentations, websites, or on social media.

In addition to their free plan, there are also paid options with more comprehensive additions. Each plan includes unlimited questions, but more advanced plans include, for example, the unlimited export of responses, required answer options, and faster email support.


Another one of the poll creator options you'll add to your list of considerations is SurveyMonkey. It's another quick and easy platform to create one or multiple questions and get results or an answer when you want them.

Get Started with Your First Free Poll
"If it's time to add a free survey option to your next presentation, meeting, or event, there are a number of choices you'll come across for creating surveys. We've covered three platforms that make it easy (and free) to ask questions, get results, and use those results to make important decisions."

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